Helena Area Community Foundation

Donors to HACF

How Donors Make a Difference

The steady growth of HACF’s permanent endowment is the result of the generosity of many individuals, families and businesses. They have contributed in several ways since the founding of HACF in December of 1994.

Many have made direct cash contributions in response to challenge Grants received by HACF, thus magnifying the impact of their own gifts.

Several individuals and couples have added codicils to their wills that will leave a valued bequest to HACF upon their deaths.

Community leaders have made contributions to our Foundation’s permanent endowment through their businesses, taking advantage of the Montana Endowment Tax Credit.

Others contributed paid-up life insurance policies to HACF’s permanent endowment, qualifying for a 50% tax credit on their Montana taxes.

For further information on HACF’s previous contributors, please refer to our annual reports.


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